Artist Statement

Micheline Brierre

I was born on the French speaking Caribbean Island of Haiti, where I was raised with the Old World values of my French ancestors and the impacting flair of the local culture. I knew that I would be an artist since I was a little girl. The fragrant and exuberant nature inspired me daily to paint or write. I did both profusely. I had my first art show when I was 16 and I never stopped since.

As a teenager, I participated in many cultural activities, from early Haitian TV programs to gallery shows and theater. Political unrest and the extreme violence and repression of the Haitian dictator Duvalier, killed many friends and members of my family as well as the artistic life of the times. It created a climate of terror and prompted me to organize my first international art show in neighboring Puerto-Rico where I lived for two years. There, I painted, designed clothing and created my first line of paper mache jewelry. I got married in San Juan, Puerto Rico, moved to Mexico City and dedicated myself to my 2 children for a few years.

In 1971, we relocated to Lima, Peru, where I discovered an intense source of inspiration in pre-Columbian textiles, pottery, stone carving and jewelry. I joined The Miraflores Art Center to study silver jewelry under the guidance and inspiration of master jewelry designer Mary Traver. I started a Fine Art and Fine Craft group called Sumac- beautiful in Quechua. The group had three Sumac shows in San Isidro, Lima, Peru.

Working in silver presented me with many challenges. I discovered aspects of myself I did not know. I learned to honor tools and a wider range of mediums. I also learned that all things seek self-expression and I sought to integrate my sense of self with the metal's natural characteristics and will. This was an opening to a spiritual quest.

I took an interest in people's search for meaning and harmony in their lives. I pursued spiritual and physical wellness and harmony. Through the Inner Peace Movement, I acquired the training to be a spiritual consultant and became an international instructor. I found this very fulfilling. My art started to express my spiritual discovery and I painted with a new range of personal symbols and imagery where my childhood dreams and fantasies established a sense of continuity through time and memory. I explored the theme of woman seen as goddess; fecund, creative, powerfully connected to her dreams, the earth and the infinite. This imagery became the focus for my paintings.

By 1976, I was living in Bogota, Colombia. I had very successful solo shows and critics started to refer to my work as "a magic symbolism" where my European and Latin American roots merged to establish my enthusiasm for life, my constant quest for growth and my exploration of SELF and others. I saw the myths and legends of my Island as well as its violence as only a component of a greater context, which contains universal reality and wisdom. My sources of inspiration transcended a particular place and I started to see myself as an infinite being; citizen of a universe as I perceive in my dreams. When I do not paint, I write. In 1980, My book of poetry "I am Eve" received special mention for the Prix Deschamps in Haiti. It was translated into Spanish by writer-editor Gonzalo Canal Ramirez and published in Bogota.

In 1985, I started the business "All Things Beautiful" to market my paintings and my jewelry. I focused on oils and pen and inks to express my personal discoveries, my intuition and a sense of celebration and praise for our reality. When Hurricane Andrew destroyed my studio, art, and personal collection in Miami in 1992, I relocated to Colorado Springs, Colorado to start all over again. I feel at home in this town. The mountains remind me of the high country in Haiti and the red earth is the same as in the island. I feel centered and humble here, I imbibe the power of the Earth and I sing my inner contentment through my watercolors and a new form of beaded jewelry. Master crafter Native American Kevin Davenport and Roberta Vermillion taught me the basics to create beaded treasures in honor of our human spirit. I bead jewelry to sing wonder and joy and to connect with the infinite.

My recent poetry was published in a compilation of writing of 117 Haitian woman in many fields called "Les voies de nos silences" by Marie Alice Theard. I am listed in "Who's Who of American Women" and "Who's Who in the World." I participate in many local as well as out of town gallery shows. Seven art galleries represent my work. I have had over 27 gallery shows; a combination of both collective and solo shows. My first Art teacher was Haitian artist Mr. Ramponeau. I also took Art classes at academy Nehemy Jean in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I am available for consultation for beginning artists and I lecture on themes related to Creativity and our spiritual Self.